What You Can Learn In A Year

We don’t realize it at the moment but then when time flies by and we’re waiting for the ball to drop, we begin to take a few minutes to reminisce about the year. We think about what we could have done better, what could we have done to take advantage of our time and of course the obvious, what are we going to do to change for the new year.

Courtesy of Pinterest

2016 has been really good to me and I hate to see it go but I am also excited to see all blessings I had in 2016 transfer over to 2017.

Each year I always try and learn something new, not just about life but also about myself. I think it’s so important for people to grow and try learn more about themselves. I have found that the only way to do that is by pushing yourself to higher limits.

I tend to challenge myself  a lot more now and I did just that this year.

What did I learn in 2016? 

I learned to feel good about myself and not worry about whether people like me or not, but instead I made sure that people were doing right by me.

I learned that I am capable of pushing myself to work three jobs and go to school full-time just because I wanted to save money.

I learned that I am a risk taker and I will reach high for opportunities that are presented to me.

I learned to enjoy the time you have with family as much as possible.

 I learned that I love to travel more than I think. There is so much to see and the fact that I traveled to Miami, Chicago, California, and New York this past year make me want to do it more often.

Lastly, I learned that I love to take pictures. I have realized that capturing special moments are worth so much and it is great to look back on those moments in a photograph.

I found an image on Pinterest that I think you all will like. I know that everyone has their own goals and new years resolutions that they have but hopefully you find something from this image that you can add to your list.


Courtesy of Pinterest

There are twelve months in a year and within those months you have 365 days to take as many opportunities that come your way.

So what did you learn in 2016? 

Feel free to leave comments and share what you learned in 2016!


Until Next Time, xo



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