Ruffles Are A Must

I’ve never owned a top such as this one, but I went for it and loved my purchase.

I’m not going to lie, when I received this piece in the mail and tried it on, I was quite confused and here is why… You put this top on like a coat and then you have a self-tie wrap to create a bow or whatever you desire.

This top makes it easy for you to create your own style in a sense. In this case I created a bow in the front, so that my top looked like it had a lot going on but still looked really chic.

You will see that you have an open area around the neck and chest area, so I went ahead and wore a choker to add an extra touch to the outfit.

There are so many components that you could put with this top whether it’s a skirt, trousers or jeans like I have on.

Top – Forever21

Until Next Time, xo

-INS ♥


Channeling Your Inner Cape

If you’re looking for an outfit that can be easily put together, I believe I found what you’re looking for.

As you all know or maybe you have noticed,  I purchase a lot of my attire from Forever21 and I’m proud to say that. As a college student I try to shop for chic but affordable clothes, so if you are like me I think you will find that Forever21 is an option for you.

I personally like patterns and dark vintage colors especially if I’m going to be wearing black underneath. What makes this cape even better is the faux fur collar.

Wouldn’t you agree? 

This cape gives off a sophisticated and powerful look which I really love! You could where this cape in two ways. You could wear this piece closed or open, it’s that easy. I have a black long sleeve underneath with black skinny trousers, but of course you can mix it up how you please.

Cape – Forever21

Top – Forever21

Pants – Forever21

Shoes – Forever21

Until Next Time, xo