Ruffles Are A Must

I’ve never owned a top such as this one, but I went for it and loved my purchase.

I’m not going to lie, when I received this piece in the mail and tried it on, I was quite confused and here is why… You put this top on like a coat and then you have a self-tie wrap to create a bow or whatever you desire.

This top makes it easy for you to create your own style in a sense. In this case I created a bow in the front, so that my top looked like it had a lot going on but still looked really chic.

You will see that you have an open area around the neck and chest area, so I went ahead and wore a choker to add an extra touch to the outfit.

There are so many components that you could put with this top whether it’s a skirt, trousers or jeans like I have on.

Top – Forever21

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Cut The Shoulders

I am a big fan of sweaters when it comes to the winter season, so I figured what better way to show off some skin in the winter by purchasing a sweater with an open shoulders design.

I personally like this sweater, like I have mentioned before about previous sweaters is the collar piece. This sweater in particular has more of a turtleneck or high neckline style, which I felt gave this top that extra touch.

Because this sweater is light in color, I wanted to make sure I mixed a variety of textures and colors to compliment the top. As you can see I have a light but dark pair of skinny jeans and black booties to add a dark focus with the attire.

Sweater –Forever21

Shoes – Forever21


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When Orange is The New Black

I’m always trying to keep my closet full of color and variety. I think it’s so fun to play with different colors and patterns especially when you’re young!

Always dress well but keep it simple.

I purchased this sweater dress from Forever21 after the holidays and I couldn’t help but to grab the orange. I’ve realized after awhile that orange just looks good with my skin complexion. It took me sometime to realize what color looks the best on me, so I’m sure you will begin to realize if you haven’t already, what your color is that looks best on you!

Orange became my new black!

This dress really went well with my black over-the-knees thigh high boots from Guess. I put my boots together with this dress because it’s long enough to cover the knees and it also looks good with boots just to give the outfit that extra touch!

I love that this dress could be worn for pretty much any occasion that presents itself. You can go out with your girlfriends, go on a date night with your babe, or even a small gathering!

It’s versatile and also warm for those chilly nights.

What I feel makes this dress a favorite of mine is that it has somewhat of a turtleneck. You really get your money’s worth if your wanting to be cute even though it’s cold outside. This dress runs about $25. You can find it online or at your nearest Forever21!


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Are You Struggling To Find A New Years Eve Outfit?

It seems as though when the new year comes around it makes people feel like a brand new person. Am I wrong? We tell ourselves how we are gonna do something different for once, like get a new hair cut. But this year I decided something different. I am looking to expand my style in a way that fits my brand.

New Years Eve is not too far from your reach and I think I found what you’re looking for.

I recently discovered a company called Zara and I fell in love and I think you will too.

Let me tell you…

I fell in love with this company for three reasons: affordable, sexy, and you can’t forget classy!

So with that being said, I thought I would share with you some ideas that can help you ladies find an idea of something you would want to show yourself in that night.

Zara is pretty much located in larger malls, so if you have one close by you then you won’t have to worry about ordering online. (cross your fingers)

What I like most about all these items is that they all offer that simplicity and sexiness that makes the whole attire POP! I love to be over the top and always dress up for all occasions and events and my close friends and family know that for sure.

I can’t help it

What makes it even better is that everyone has there own style and no matter what you have on YOU are going to have a different look than the next person. Someone else may have the same thing on as you, but YOU have your own way of wearing it.

From the hair all the way down to the shoes.  




69.99 USD


59.99 USD


35.99 USD



59.99 USD



35.99 USD



35.99 USD

Did I mention that all these items are all under $100? I have already kept my eye out on a few items so I hope you all saw something you will put your own spin on.
If you are thinking that in 2017 you’re ready for a change, I hope you challenge yourself and go for it HARD no matter what it is!
Check out Zara at

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!!!!!!!!!! 


Until Next Time, xo


Sweater Love

I always get excited when winter comes around because it is the best time of the season to wear your sweaters. In the winter you have an excuse to buy all the cozy sweaters and execute your chic style how you want to.

Cozy Up! 

I purchase a lot of my sweaters from Forever 21. I’m personally a loyal customer of theirs and I have always liked the products they put out as far as their sweaters.

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Photo By: Me

In many cases I feel that certain sweaters have their own purpose. In this case the sweater that I have on in these photos have a long droopy collar to it. I like sweaters with collars because it replaces scarfs, so I’m not putting too much on and don’t get too hot under my coat.

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Own The Night With Thigh High Boots

If you did not know by now, the over-the-knee boots are so in and I plan expand my style with as many pairs as possible! I have been talking about getting a pair of thigh high boots for the longest and I ended up getting a black pair with the thick heel for Christmas this year from GUESS. These boots run about $150 dollars but if you use coupons or catch really good sales they run a lot cheaper.


If you are going out with your girlfriends or even going on a date night with your man, thigh high boots will always draw peoples attention. You can own the night with your over-the-knee boots wearing anything along the lines of skinny jeans or a chic dress. I have seen many people wear the over sized hoodies or long t-shirts as well to add some edginess!

Own It!!!

Today the Kardashian/Jenner sisters are always making a statement with their thigh high boots. They make thigh high boots even more sexy by customizing their style to fit that ultimate chic look.


Courtesy of Pinterest

No matter what the season is thigh high boots are here to stay.

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The Love for Graphic T-Shirts

As a college student my whole wardrobe has consisted of Forever 21. I can walk into their store and find pretty much everything I want. Their brand is the type of style I live for because it is edgy but it can also be classy.

I purchased this Tupac shirt a little while back and I wear it in many different ways because it’s a graphic t-shirt. So with this shirt I honored Tupac and shot these pictures on the anniversary of his passing.

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Photo by: Me

I love the edginess of this look and I really enjoyed the scenery that existed behind my shots. In my hometown there are a lot of trains that are actively running and then there are some that sit and never move, so I went for it.

“Our future is our confidence and self-esteem.” – Tupac Shakur

If you knew who Tupac was then you would know he was a rapper way before I was born. So with the knowledge of his background I figure why not make this a street edge look and blend all the elements of the shirt together with the graffiti.

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Photo by: Me


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